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Kim Kardashian admits to the photo that caused an uproar among fans: "I'm all for beautiful beauties"

Kim Kardashian admits to the photo that caused an uproar among fans: “I’m all for beautiful beauties”

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A recent photo of Kim Kardashian has fans astonished: Did she conceal her belly button with Photoshop? The reality star’s “nonsense” is now responding to Instagram.

Earlier this week, reactions rained down on influencer Kim’s photo. In the photo she was wearing Skims underwear, but fans had their eyes for something else. Or better: for something that wasn’t there. The navel of the star was nowhere to be seen.

This isn’t the first time Kardashian has come under fire for posting heavily edited photos on social media, but most of the time she’s been nervous about her alleged Photoshop gaffes. This time, the reality star responded. “Come on guys, seriously,” she wrote on Instagram. “That’s so stupid, are you really saying I modified my belly button with pictures? You know how much aesthetics mean to my soul, right?” Kardashian told her fans in a joke to immediately go to the Skims online store. “So you can hide your navel with a gorgeous pair of high-waisted knickers, as I did. You’re most welcome!”

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Later, Kardashian seemed amazed at how many fans rejoiced at the explanation for her “disappearing” belly button, and decided to take it one step further. “I photographed Pete’s jawline according to this article,” she wrote. not like that. “I added a grainy filter. But it was definitely the image of the moment itself.”

In the end, I came up with a confession about another photo that had sparked some controversy before. For example, a TikTok user discovered that the reality star had used the face of her niece True (daughter of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson) as Stormi (daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott). “Okay, now that we’re in circle of trust To be. I give the truth. You guys know I support pretty aesthetics, and my Instagram profile has been blue and pink lately. The pictures from Disneyland were a perfect fit, but Kylie didn’t feel like putting the pictures online at the time and I respect that choice.”

For this reason, True’s face was captured in the photos above Stormi. “Thank you so right for choosing the team,” Kim Kardashian added. “Anyway, let’s focus on something else.”

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