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Koning van de Kuip! Cyriel Dessers zet Feyenoord met negende en tiende treffer op weg naar finale Conference League

King of the cockpit! Cyril Desires puts Feyenoord on his way to the League Conference final with his ninth and tenth goals

Feyenoord beat Marseille 3-2 last night in a sharp semi-final. Our northern neighbors still have a chance to win the fourth European Cup in their presence. Many thanks to my Belgian. Cyriel Dessers (27), more cockpit king than ever.

We can’t call Cyril Desires a cult hero, he said in an interview with this newspaper. Our compatriot in Feyenoord is a crowd favourite, as we concluded with our eyes last night. Turns out parking in Rotterdam is not a problem. “Oh, are you coming for Cyriel Dessers? Then you can park your car anywhere.” I’m joking of course.

The fans who wanted to have a shirt printed with the name and number of their favorite striker before the match against Marseille, were well worth the effort too. the reason? All three were used in fan stores. Thirty-three is a number… Cyriel Dessers. So it’s fun for the audience.

After less than a season of football, Dessers in de Kuip has his own song. It goes like this: “Cheers at the corner flag, the boxes are full. De Kuip is in trance, because Dessers has scored. Dessers is scoring. CY-RIEL DESSERS!”

Flag Corner Place of appointment

What is meant by angle flag? Desires made it clear after eighteen minutes against Marseille. It didn’t take much longer to make the nets vibrate for the first time. Luis Sinistera – a great footballer – sent our compatriot with a superb pass to Marseille goalkeeper Mandanda. Naseem for desserts. A few places from us, his mentor Robin van Persie jumped straight. And the audience is with him. Sweets for the flag of the corner. De Kuip in ecstasy.

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An hour before the match started, the stands were packed. But with Desers’ goal, the entire field exploded. For Feyenoord, who had been in control of the game until then, the signal was to push the foot a little deeper on the throttle. Barely two minutes into the 1-0 match, winger Reiss Nelson started his engine for a quick fend. The Englishman chose Sinistera well as a target. He also scored a goal after a crucial pass thanks to a skewed shot. Two against zero. Rotterdamers on roses.

But Marseille did not give up. The French fought back in the game. Barely ten minutes after the 2-0 match, Ding took the link goal. With a shot from the edge of the sixteen, Feyenoord’s Senegalese goalkeeper Marciano fell into a short corner. Visitors are also tied with a half-time strike. Marciano sent in a cross from Guendouzi but couldn’t get the ball far enough. He followed Gerson closely and hit the equalizer with ropes. Work to be done for Feyenoord in the second half.

Register for sweets

Just suitable for…Cyriel Dessers. Nine seconds into the break, our compatriot was well positioned between a very short pass. Dessers cleverly outperformed Mandanda and worked at two in the evening. Fastest goal after halftime in a European match since 2009. This time Desires chose a different corner flag. De Kuip sang the same song again: CY-RIEL DESSERS. Ten minutes before the end, Koning van de Kuip was allowed to leave. He got a standing ovation.

With his 10th goal in this Conference League campaign, Dessers scored the final score. He thus beats record holders Lex Schoenemaker and Pierre van Hooydonk, who each scored nine times in a European campaign. One in 1973-1974, the other in 2001-2002. Two seasons in which Feyenoord won the European Cup, they can also be read today in the Quebec. We checked: there is still room for a conference. Corner flags were warned last in Tirana.

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