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'Klopjacht' unlocks Click on a line to track down the candidates: All Flanders are chasing, this can bring you money

‘Klopjacht’ unlocks Click on a line to track down the candidates: All Flanders are chasing, this can bring you money

And whether they will be shocked when they read this. New candidates from Chase You must stay out of the clutches of the veteran detective team in the coming weeks. A team of analysts and field workers with experience in defence, police and the private sector.

In their pursuit they use all possible means: home inspections, personal data, ANPR cameras and cell towers. Fugitives may summon accomplices, such as family and friends, and knock on strangers’ door. although? They’d better pay attention this year, because detectives aren’t doing it alone.

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Viewers can also pass information over the tap line when they encounter one or more participants. If the golden tip leads directly to their capture, the detective has a chance to win €500.

You shouldn’t go that far, of course. People can also choose a refugee camp and help them by providing shelter at night or by letting them use their phones. It is up to the players to make the bonus idea disappear with their magic.

“Candidates can currently be located all over Belgium,” says Play4. “But nothing has been fixed this season. As a spectator you have a huge impact. If you decide to help the detectives and betray the fugitives, you can provide information via our mobile number.” You can’t call, but whatsapp is. “Text messages, photos and videos are allowed. If investigators find advice of value, they can contact you.”

As host, Axel Desseler (left) once again watches Chief Inspector Danny Campers (right)’s detective team, but he also knows the “whereabouts” of the fugitives. © Frank Banmüller

identical twins

Also in this second season, Axel Daeseleire hosts ChaseAnd the neutral guy in the game. Last year he saw how only two managed to stay free. Then there were twelve participants, now fifteen: seven doubles and one runaway. Business makers are only providing their names and ages for now. From this it can be concluded that it is again about spouses, friends, relatives and even identical twins.

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Other information such as place of residence and occupation remains confidential. Although a quick roundup of Google and social media – the preferred tool of investigators – provides additional knowledge to many candidates. More information can be found at Click line from Chase Open for another two weeks, the same program can be watched on Play4 this fall.

Would you like to tip the investigators? Send your information to the click line: 0475 11 55 55

These fifteen are Flemish mushrooms

Anya Phoenix (52) and Lothar Seungers (24)

Anja and Lothar.

Anja and Lothar. © Play4

Gillian Omokoko (26) and Kevin Omokoko (28)

Jillian and Kevin.

Jillian and Kevin. © Play4

Mike Demolle (51) and Steve Bennett (49)

Mike and Steve.

Mike and Steve. © Play4

Elias Shashua (22) and Demi Geldolph (23)

The Iliad and Demi.

The Iliad and Demi. © Play4

Emeke Delio (37) and Sar Delio (37)

Emky and Sarah.

Emky and Sarah. © Play4

Mario Bot (45)


Mario. © Play4

Nicholas Boxtel (43) and Marie Jessman (34)

Nicholas and Mary.

Nicholas and Mary. © Play4

Nisreen Mashrouq (25) and Zhanna Morell (25)

Nasreen and Zahna.

Nasreen and Zahna. © Play4

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