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Koudekerke offers housing for Ukrainian refugees: ‘If you can do something, you must do it’

The shed, which is used as a storage area, has many items for children. Bernd de Black from Koudekerke adds another cot. “Our daughter got a new bed when we moved. We have this bed, why not donate it,” he says, grabbing the mattress. “If you can do something, I think you should do it.”

Meanwhile, Sandra and her colleagues have already prepared four houses on Kerkstraat in Koudekerke. The houses were empty, or will soon be empty, ready for demolition. “But the municipality has put forward the idea that refugees can stay in it. And how wonderful that the whole village is ready to help us: cleaning, DIY, moving and burning are taking place. I’m proud.”

Volunteers will provide homes in the future as well. “We do not yet know how many there will be, but houses in other villages in Weire municipality should also be ready,” says Van der Linde. “All things are welcome. Think of duvets or pillows. If you would like to donate something, please contact us first through Welzijn Veere’s Facebook page.”

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