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KV Mechelen receives the Federation with a knife already in the throat |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

KV Mechelen receives the Federation with a knife already in the throat | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

After two days of matches, only Syring and Kee in Michelin had one point. In a season with three strains, you don’t want to start from 0-9, so it’s already a must in the second home game of the KVM season. The union is sitting on a cloud after its successful return to Europe.

  1. In advance, at 8:25 p.m., Quirs’ loss is KV Mechelen’s loss. So far, KV Mechelen has only managed to score once, via defender: Thibaut Peyre. & nbsp; .
  2. In advance, at 8:20 p.m. last season, KV Mechelen defeated Union 3-1. Then, just a minute later, the visitors came up front via Vanzier, but Cowers, Shevid and Storm turned the game around. The Union’s last upper division victory over Mechelen dates back to 1955.
  3. In advance, at 8 pm. 11. Gerarts spins. With the second leg of the Champions League third preliminary round in mind, Karel Geraerts leaves Sykes, Adingra and Lenin resting. Puertas comes in front, Elias Ziani in midfield and new player Victor Pon in defence. & nbsp; .
  4. Advance, 8 p.m. 08. 3 changes in KV Mechelen. Compared to the match against KV Oostende, no place in Gouet’s mother’s starting line-up, Hecke takes his place. Jordi Vanlerberge is unfit, and he will be replaced by Van Hornbeek. Hairemans replaces the Shved Wound. .
  5. In advance, it’s 8:03 p.m. and above all else, we must remain calm, our feet on the ground. We just want to bring Michelin’s sweet Wednesday feel, not the big neck. . Karel Gerarts.
  6. before eight in the evening. 02. Al Ittihad once again confirmed its vision for the match against Rangers. We want to win, but if the point is the maximum, we go for a point. . Danny Boyes.
  7. Advance, 12 noon 09. Defeats against Antwerp and KVO. After the defeat on the opening day against Antwerp, KV Mechelen was unable to score the first points at Ostend Stadium. Defense in particular was a cause for concern at sea. KVO outnumbered the guests from Mechelen with a reel in the back of the defense. & nbsp; .
  8. Advance, 12 noon 03
  9. Prepared by KV Mechelen. Gaëtan Coucke, Sandy Walsh, Alec Van Hoorenbeeck, Thibaut Peyre, Dimitri Lavalée, Boli Bolingoli Mbombo, Geoffry Hairemans, Jannes van Hecke, Rob Schoofs, Nikola Storm, Julien Ngoy
  10. Union preparation. Anthony Morris, Bart Neukoppe, Victor Boone, Christian Burgess, Dante Vanzier, Siby van der Heyden, Loic Labusin, Cameron Puertas, Lazarie Amani, Teddy Thomas, Ellis Ziani
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