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Lars von Trier suffers from Parkinson's disease |  Famous People

Lars von Trier suffers from Parkinson’s disease | Famous People

According to the press release sent by Zentropa, the director – despite the diagnosis – was “in good spirits”. Von Trier, who holds Dancer in the Dark and Melancholia, will be cured of his symptoms. The Dane is currently working on his new series The Kingdom Exodus. He’ll finish it himself, apparently. However, the manager will only do a limited number of interviews. The series is scheduled to premiere at the Venice Film Festival at the end of August.

The Kingdom Exodus is the third and final season of the Von Trier TV series The Kingdom. Previous seasons appeared in 1994 and 1997. The series, called in Denmark Riget, is about a hospital in Copenhagen where inexplicable things happen.

Von Trier doesn’t give many interviews anyway, because he said at a press conference for “Melancholia” in Cannes in 2011 that he considered himself a Nazi. He also said he understood Adolf Hitler “even though he did some wrong things”. These statements prevented him from entering Cannes for seven years and opened an investigation into “underestimating the Holocaust”, a crime in France. Von Trier was ultimately not charged.

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