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Leclerc satisfied but realistic: 'Room for improvement'

Leclerc satisfied but realistic: ‘Room for improvement’

In the first free training sessions in Azerbaijan, it became clear that Ferrari and Red Bull Racing were the two strongest teams once again. The stables dominated all season and the spreads were also very small in the first two sessions. However, it was Ferrari who set the fastest time of the day.

Charles Leclerc’s 1:43:224 time was the fastest on Friday in second free practice. So Monegask was a little faster than the Red Bulls than Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen. In the first free practice, Leclerc set the second, and he was only 0.127 seconds slower than Red Bull Perez.


In any case, Leclerc is reasonably satisfied with his first day in Baku. Last season he took first place and it remains to be seen if he will be able to repeat this feat. In a press release from his team, Leclerc said: “Our first day was strong. Our progress from VT1 to VT2 was good and we worked well together as a team. The lap times were not entirely representative because no one was able to get a good ride in the second lap. “.


Despite his first two successful free training sessions, Leclerc doesn’t want to fly the flag yet. De Monegask is realistic and realizes that there is still some work to do: “There is still room for improvement. The race pace seemed very strong and I also felt good in the car. It also felt good in the long run, they didn’t sweat either, and that’s A positive thing.”

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