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Legislative change on the table by group of Taiwanese who changed their name to "Salmon"

Legislative change on the table by group of Taiwanese who changed their name to “Salmon”

Taiwan’s parliament is debating a law that states that a citizen may not change his or her name more than three times. By law, a number of people with the name “Salmon” were suspended. They changed their name to promote sushi.

Under Taiwanese law, residents of the country are not allowed to change their name more than three times. As a result, some citizens who changed their name to “Salmon” to participate in a sushi promotion were unable to change their name again. The Taiwanese government is now debating whether to amend this law to help it.

While some support the amendment, lawmakers from both the main Democratic Progress Party and the opposition Kuomintang party oppose the proposal. “Our belief in bourgeois rationality is very low,” said Representative Quan Pei-ling.

Salmon Mess

In March of last year, the Sushiro restaurant chain started an original promotion. Anyone who uses Chinese characters for salmon, Gui Yuin his name, he got All you can eat-buffet. More than 300 Taiwanese have discovered that it is very easy to officially change your name; With a little paperwork and a small amount of money you have another. As a result, hundreds of residents suddenly wandered with names like “Zalm Droom” and “Dansende Zalm”. What they didn’t expect was that they would stumble upon these names.

The process of promoting Soshiro, which turned into a real “salmon mess”, only lasted for two days. Most of them later changed their name again. Others faced the problem that the law would not allow them to change their name more than three times. Some of the participants changed their name several times to get more free sushi.

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Until then, the government had already been critical of the measure, which led to a lot of additional administrative work. So the participants in the “salmon mess” were asked to remain rational. Those criticisms resurfaced during discussions about possible amendments to the law.