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LEGO Brawls is making its way to consoles this summer

LEGO Brawls is making its way to consoles this summer

LEGO, in partnership with Bandai Namco Europe and developer Red Games, has announced LEGO Brawls for consoles. LEGO Brawls isn’t exactly a new game, as the game has been available for some time via Apple Arcade on iOS and is making its way to consoles and PC this summer.

As the name suggests, LEGO Brawls is a Super Smash Bros style fighting game. and Brawlhalla and Nickelodeon All Star Brawl† This time, it’s not SpongeBob’s yellow hands that will give you a hard time on your opponent, but you will be dealing with your own Minifigs’ strikes, which are fully customizable.

LEGO Brawls positions itself as a unique experience, because where the aforementioned brawl is mainly based on the knowledge of the characters, LEGO Brawls is all about creativity is yours fighter. Then it is not only about appearance, but also about the strength features and weapons that you use.

The game will feature local multiplayer for up to four players and an online multiplayer mode where you can compete against up to seven other players. You can do all this in different arenas based on different LEGO themes and sets.

LEGO Brawls is set for a June 2022 release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S, Switch, and PC.

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