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LeMC Tourist Hotel, Antwerp Troubadour conquers the hearts of the Flemish West

LeMC Tourist Hotel, Antwerp Troubadour conquers the hearts of the Flemish West

If there is one concert where the obligatory game “Who comes from District X?” cannot be missed. With the audience, it was the Antwerp Troubadour’s pass par excellence on the grounds of the West Flemish Festival in Dranouter.

Tourist LeMC knew where it was: He wisely omitted references to “farmers” or “parking lots,” whose fellow resident Clement Perenz likes to unleash an unsuspecting audience. Instead, he won the hearts of the audience early on on the set with a cover of Willem Vermanderi. In the typical rhythmic narrative style of Tourist LeMC,let me walk“The edge of Antwerp, the tourist got away with it too.

Beautiful duet

Soon, Wim Opbrouck took to the stage for ‘Troubadourrap along. This was the starting signal for better work during this concert. Because we have to mention it: Especially at the beginning of the party, the tourist’s voice has disappeared so much into the mix of dull and directionless sound that we can barely comprehend – and letting his words and how he performs them are precisely one of his assets. Gradually, the sound better found its way into the center of the tent, leading to the first peak:the king of Love‘, which the audience sang enthusiastically. “With love we did not negotiateWhat a great chorus that song is.

Nobody but the tourist’s wife, Marta, came.breathes‘ sing. He grabbed their duo by the throat and created an intimate moment. “in the pathThe band started out with the sinister synth, but thankfully also maintained their usual rhythm. Another song that you can call a classic in the works of Tourist LeMC. Then the singer Wally came to “StuntmanTo sing, of course toohorizonSinging material everywhere. The audience is happy.

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We were happy with the tourist who didn’t ‘Make some noise’ I cried but “Smell a little bit of noise”. Sometimes it’s the little things.

The troubadours of Antwerp have conquered the hearts of the Flemish West, but their band and voice could use more subtlety.

Tourist LeMC, seen 6/8 on Dranouter