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Leuven's ultra-fast PCR test on sale next month: 'result in half an hour'

Leuven’s ultra-fast PCR test on sale next month: ‘result in half an hour’

MiDiagnostics will launch an ultra-fast, compact PCR test for Covid-19 detection in June. Leuven, an independent firm of research center Imec, announced this Monday.

miDiagnostics is based on chip technology jointly developed by Imec and the American University at Johns Hopkins. After a nasal and oropharyngeal swab, the sample is dissolved in a buffer solution and mixed with the detection fluid. The mixture is loaded via a card into a zip reader that can determine the presence of the coronavirus.

The testing process takes only 15 minutes and is as accurate as a traditional PCR test, according to a clinical study. miDiagnostics asserts that “within 30 minutes of enrollment, patients receive their results.”

Great interest

Next month, the Leuven-based company will launch an ultra-fast PCR test and the first contracts will be signed. “Interest is very high, mainly from hospitals and companies in the healthcare and travel sector,” says Catelyn Verlisen, CEO. “Several trial units will be installed this month, followed by a commercial rollout in June.”

MiDiagnostics charges a laboratory fee of €50 per test. If their performance is sufficient, they do not have to pay the reader. In time, the company also wants to use its PCR platform to detect other respiratory or sexually transmitted diseases.

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