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Lightweight alpine fabrics

Ultra-lightweight alpine fabrics for mountaineering

Lightweight alpine fabrics

Alps Mountaineering comes with two new fabrics. What distinguishes these fabrics is that they are very lightweight. With this said, the manufacturer wants to focus on fast packers who want to travel “less” and who want to simplify their camping setup.

The two new Alpine Climbing pieces are designed to replace the traditional tent shelter. Of course you can also use these fabrics as a tent canopy or as a sun canopy.

For backpackers and hikers

Also in the case of alpine tarps for mountaineering, a tarp can also be a nice addition to your existing camping gear. But it is primarily intended to be a simple, lightweight alternative to the tent. Hence the rule of “the lightest and most convenient” is of great importance.

The two new tarps from Alps Engineering are manufactured by a manufacturer primarily concerned with “Performance Oriented Technical Support Equipment”. Experienced backpackers and hikers know this: they prefer light travel. Every gram that can be saved is one. Alps Mountaineering is now focused on that. Since the new fabrics are meant for backpackers and long-distance hikers, the Alps have been looking at ways to make this shelter as light as possible.

Tarp Shelter is very light

Ultra-lightweight alpine fabrics for mountaineeringThe ultra-light tarp shelter is designed for the fast packer who wants to travel with minimal weight. That is why it is made of 20D 380T ripstop nylon, with 3000mm silicone/PU coating. Hemp has six tension points, measures 380cm x 295cm and weighs just 425g.

Ultra-lightweight tarp shelter users can safely use it in the wind. He could be beaten. It also provides space for at least two people and of course the cart can also store his gear under it. The ultra-light tarp shelter is equipped with taped seams, aluminum floor stakes, and reflective towlines. Columns are optional but you can also use your own trekking poles for that.

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Tarp Shelter Utilities

Ultra-lightweight alpine fabrics for mountaineeringsmall smaller smaller? This applies to the accompanying tarp shelter in the Alps. This is primarily aimed at people who want to save space, but spend more on a more traditional look. Although the accompanying cannabis shelter is not as light as Ultra-Light, it does provide more space for equipment and kits.

The accompanying tarp shelter is made of 68D 210T polyester ripstop and has a 1500mm PU coating to block UV rays as much as possible. The light color provides better visibility of sunrise and sunset. The wand is also optional here.