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Live broadcast: Can the male Belgian duo do the one-on-one pursuit?  Female tandem 11 and 13 |  European Championships

Live broadcast: Can the male Belgian duo do the one-on-one pursuit? Female tandem 11 and 13 | European Championships

Today again, six Belgians are cruising the slopes of Munich. Marieth Vanhoef and Catherine de Klerk opened the Belgian day with 11th and 13th in the individual pursuit. Brent van Mulders and Thibaut Bernard are currently in charge. The evening session is then colored by Lotte Kopecky and Jules Hesters.

The Belgians on August 13
11.45 am Marieth Vanhove bike path Women’s individual pursuit
Catherine de Klerk bike path Women’s individual pursuit
12.24 pm Brent Van Mulders bike path Solo stalking men
Thibaut Bernard bike path Solo stalking men
7:46 pm Quebec Lotte bike path apostasy
8.14 pm Jules Hesters bike path scratch
  1. 12h 37. The Mulders is stronger than Israel. Brent van Mulders has already won his race. The 21-year-old rider surpassed his Israeli opponent, Vladislav Logunov. Flemish Brabant road champion crossed the finish line with a time of 4’27” 12. He’s practically fourth, but that doesn’t mean much at the moment.
  2. 12:28 o’clock. Brent van Mulders & nbsp; Thibaut Bernard takes over from Marieth Vanhof and Catherine de Klerk for the solo pursuit in Munich. Van Mulders will compete in the third round against Israeli Vladislav Logunov. Bernard unleashes his demons in heat 5. His opponent is Latvian Vitalij Kornilov. .
  3. 12 04. The German final, the Belgians 11 and 13. The referee for the women’s individual pursuit will delight the home crowd in Munich. The final will be a German meeting between world champion Lisa Brennor and Mick Krueger. In the bronze medal match, Italian Vittoria Goazzini and Josie Knight face each other. Belgians Mareth Vanhoef and Catherine de Klerk played a good turn, but fell to 11th and 13th, respectively. .
  4. It’s 12 a.m. 01. De Clercq is almost in seventh place.

    De Clercq practically occupies seventh place

  5. 12 o’clock . There is no medal match for the Belgians. Catherine de Klerk rolls, too. Our compatriot had to get to know her British boss, Anna Morris, during a stalking match. De Clercq made good use of her opponent’s tide to score for the interim seventh time. Mareth Vanhoef has now slipped to sixth place. There is no upcoming tour for the Belgians. .
  6. 11 a.m. 51. Van Mölders and Thibaut Bernard 12.24 p.m. Things are going fast on the slopes of Munich. So fast that the schedule can go in the trash. For example, Brent Van Mulders and Thibaut Bernard will complete their solo quest around 12.24 PM. .
  7. 11 hours 46. 1’13” 391: Mareth Vanhoff’s default second time.

    1’13” 391: Mareth Vanhove’s hypothetical second time

  8. 11:45. A powerful editorial for Vanhove. Mariethe Vanhoef opened the Belgian day on the European Championship track. The talented Belgian cyclist had to compete with Ukrainian Viktoria Yaroshenko in the individual pursuit. Our compatriot set a provisional second time at 3’35” 819. That almost means a place in the final for gold, but it remains to be seen with trepidation on Vanhoef. 12 other athletes – including Catherine de Klerk – must enter the track. & nbsp;.
  9. 11:00 44.
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