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LIVESTREAM: Watch the European Championship mountain bike with Geetha Michaels and Emeline Detelux |  european mountain bike

LIVESTREAM: Watch the European Championship mountain bike with Geetha Michaels and Emeline Detelux | european mountain bike

A day after the men’s, it was the women’s turn at the European Mountain Bike Championships in Munich. With Githa Michiels and Emeline Detilleux, two Belgian ladies will also start. Watch the match live here

Belgian choice
Emline Detaillux
Getha Michaels
  1. 1 p.m. 10. Now, Ferrand-Prévot has gnawed at Lecomte’s lead. The difference is still 40 seconds with about 1.5 laps left. .
  2. 13 Hours 06. Terpstra summons Bronze. 2 more laps left and Luana Lecomte is still comfortably ahead of Pauline Ferrand Prevot. Behind the French duo, there is still a fight for the bronze medal. Dutchman Anne Terpstra seems to have the best cards at the moment. She has a bonus of 10 seconds over Jolanda Neff. .
  3. Lecomte is leading the dance at the moment. 13 hours 03.
  4. 12:00 51. After a mechanical breakdown, it does not appear that Ferrand-Prévot will return immediately. The gap between Lecomte and her first chaser remains fairly stable at the moment and fluctuates around 50 seconds. 3 more rolls left! .
  5. 1245 o’clock. Behind the number 2 Ferrand-Prévot there is a really wide gap. Jolande Neff is already more than two minutes behind leader Lecomte. Geetha Michaels is currently in the top 30, and Emeline Detilleux follows a few more places. .
  6. 12:00 40. Problems at Ferrand-Prévot. Not Pauline Ferran Prevot, but Luana Lecomte coming first after 3 laps. what happened? Ferrand-Prévot had to deal with chain problems while climbing and it took a long time before the title holder could continue. She did not let Lecomte reach her heart and get past her compatriot. Ferrand-Prévot is now located less than a minute behind Lecomte. .
  7. 12h 39. Ferrand-Prévot has to deal with mechanical failure.

    Ferrand-Prévot has to deal with mechanical failure

  8. 12 noon 13. Ferran Prevo goes solo. There is no match for Pauline Ferran-Privaux, who is chasing her third consecutive European title. At the start of the third round, the French is leading alone, and her compatriot Loana Lecomte has to give up for more than 10 seconds. Four-time European champion Yolanda Neff follows in just a minute in third place. .
  9. 12 noon 12. It was the French women who set the pace at the start of the race. The Lecomte-Ferrand-Prevot duo have already made a small gap over the two Swiss ladies, Neff and Keeler. Emilyn Ditillo and Getha Michele are already more than a minute behind the leading duo. .
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