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LNG maintenance nibble at Belgian gas storage |  Economie

LNG maintenance nibble at Belgian gas storage | Economie

Belgian gas stocks have shrunk significantly in recent days. Due to maintenance work at the LNG terminal in Zeebrugge, energy suppliers, among others, have to nibble on reserves. This is what de Tejd wrote.

After months of massive replenishment, the level of Belgian gas reserves has fallen rapidly in recent days. Within a few days, nearly 500 gigawatt-hours of gas had been extracted from the storage at Loenhout, a good thing for more than 5 percent of total capacity.

Where our country’s gas stock was more than 91 percent full last Friday, it is now 86 percent. On Wednesday, more gas was pulled from the storage in a single day than in a severe winter. By extracting 136 gigawatt-hours, users are close to the maximum that can be achieved.

Manager Fluxys De Tijd reported that what is happening in Loenhout is “absolutely normal”. The cause of sudden diving by the sea. Since last Friday, maintenance work has been carried out at the LNG terminal in the port of Zeebrugge. This is a scheduled maintenance that will last all week.

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