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Lotte Kubicki (4th) and Fabio van den Bosset (6th) fall next to the medals at Omnium |  European Championships

Lotte Kubicki (4th) and Fabio van den Bosset (6th) fall next to the medals at Omnium | European Championships

Lotte Kubicki and Fabio van den Bosch were unable to give our country a new medal(s) at the Track European Championships in Munich. Kopecky finished off the podium at omnium, Van Den Bossche started with third place in the final points race, but finished sixth.

There is no third European title for Kopecky

After her European titles in elimination and points race, Lotte Kopecky was able to start Omnium with a backpack full of confidence. In “Everything on the track”, Kopecky was again a candidate for the medal, but already in the first issue of the day the fatigue was evident in our compatriot.

She ranked eighth in zero below expectations, in a tempo race she finished in the same spot. Our compatriot needed an excellent elimination race and as a brand new European champion in this segment, she finished second. It was still possible to get a medal.

In the unpredictable points race, the part where Kopecky is the world and European champion, our compatriot ran well, but the crash of some competitors put an end to her plans.

A major scratch on the track caused a long delay. After the repairs were completed – and the competition was able to explode – the race could start again. In the remaining 36 laps, Kopecky tried to force something, but to no avail. It came in fourth place.

Kubiki: ‘It can’t always be a prize’

“It can’t be a prize every day,” Kubiki replied with a smile. “It wasn’t in my best interest for the points race to be stopped, because I’m usually strong at the end. I certainly wasn’t exhausted when the crash happened, but now everyone can recover. It wasn’t in my best interest.”

“I was fourth, so I knew if I could take a run and win a quick sprint, I would be fighting for the medals. In the end it didn’t work out. With that said, I am very satisfied with this tournament. Less round with two jerseys to go home.”

Young van den Bosch deserves 6th grade

On the young shoulders of Fabio van den Bosch there was a cautious hope for the medal, after his silver last year. He also started as the top talent at the age of 21 with distinction. After a very good match he won by scratch and immediately took the lead.

Van Den Bossche had excellent legs and also put himself in the spotlight in the tempo race. He remained in the lead with third place, and the chances of the medal increased.

Did our citizens feel pressured? In disqualification, the penultimate number, van den Bosch was repeatedly disqualified. The demon of bad luck was also lurking around the corner: after blown tires and changing bike, he completely lost his rhythm and eventually followed an early exit. With ninth place he fell to third place in the standings.

In the points race, our compatriot had to get the job done, but Van den Bosch couldn’t find the super-legs earlier in the day. After a nervous match he finally ran behind the facts. The gold went to Frenchman Grunden, and Van den Bossch finished sixth after a more than trustworthy Omnim.

Belgium at the European Cycling Championships on August 15
Arthur Senram 1 How long is the trial of men 1’04” 072 (17, out)
Maxwell Brother 1 How long is the trial of men 1’03” 533 (sixteenth, out)
Quebec Lotte Aluminum: Zero Point VIII
Fabio van den Bosch Aluminum: Zero Point the first
Quebec Lotte omnium: rhythm race Eighth (ranking: 8)
Fabio van den Bosch omnium: rhythm race 3rd (ranking: 1st)
5:05 pm Quebec Lotte omnium: to give up Second (ranking: 4)
5:41 pm Fabio van den Bosch omnium: to give up Ninth (ranking: 3rd)
6.09 pm Quebec Lotte omnium: dots race the fourth
6.45 pm Fabio van den Bosch omnium: dots race VI

  1. 20 hours 15. Van den Bossche: “Because of the great break between them, the races are more difficult.”

    Van den Bossche: “Due to the great comfort between them, the races are more difficult”

  2. 8 pm 11. Fabio van den Bosch cannot maintain his position in the points race and is sixth in the First Division.

    Fabio van den Bosch cannot finish in the points race and is sixth in the world

  3. 8 pm 10. Grunden wins the European title and van den Bosch 6. Poland’s Staniszewski overtook van den Bosch in the final, our compatriot is sixth. The title is for the Frenchman Grundin, who just managed to beat the Italian Concononi in the final race. & nbsp; .
  4. It’s 8 p.m. 07. Consonni, Grondin, Mora, Van Den Bossche and their partners all have an extra tour. Our compatriot will be the fourth or fifth. The final race is approaching. .
  5. 8 p.m. 05. Heijnen falls, while Mora and Consonni blast away. The two are driving themselves to get a run, but right now they can’t get it done. Van den Bosch will join the two after a while. & nbsp; .
  6. It’s 8 p.m. 03. Van den Bosch watches it from a distance, while Mora, Konsone and Heinen vie for gold. Did the medals fly? 22 more rounds. .
  7. 7 pm 58. Dutchman Heinen takes an extra run and jumps to the top. The gap between bronze and van den Bosch is now 8 points. It will be difficult for our compatriot, but the medal is still possible. .
  8. 7 p.m. 56. With 55 rounds left, everything is still playable. Van den Bosch is two points behind the Gronden bronze, but the Frenchman is poised quickly. Mora and Consone hold the gold and silver for now. .
  9. 7 pm 54. Fabio radiates a lot of confidence. Co-commentator Jules Hesters.
  10. 7 pm 51. Van den Bosch shows himself and tries to jump twice, but Chief Mora reacts to everything that moves. That effort may soon be worth it. .
  11. 19 hours 50. This is a very exciting points race that can go in many directions. Rinat Shot.
  12. 19 h 48. Van den Bosch was not generously rewarded in the first sprints. The damage is limited, because our compatriot is currently in fourth place with 3 Bronze points and 7 Silver points. Spain’s Moura leads with 113 points, but the race is still long. .
  13. 7 pm. 46. ​​Kopecky: “It can’t be a prize every day.”

    Kubiki: “It can’t be a prize every day”

  14. 7:40 p.m. The men are gone. 125 laps must be completed. Will Van den Bosch present a new Belgian medal in Munich? .
  15. 7 pm 38. It’s Van den Bosch time. There is a delay in the schedule, so the songs now follow each other in quick succession. Men are ready to finish the closing issue of their perfume. Fabio van den Bosch has the bronze in his hands at the moment, but a lot can still happen in the final points race. & nbsp; .
  16. 7 pm 33. The German sprint race succeeded after a very close conclusion.

    The success of the German sprint after a very close conclusion

  17. 19 hours 32. In the women’s sprint final, world champion Emma Haines made the circuit crazy. The favorite at home only surpassed French Mathilde Gros in the last metres, the difference being at most a few centimeters. .
  18. 7 p.m. 29. Correction: Kopecky finished fourth. Munich’s scoreboards indicated Kopecky at number five, but our compatriot actually took fourth place in the Omnium. She finished the race ahead of Dutchman Van der Doyen in the points race, which was crucial to the final result. .
  19. 7 p.m. 25. Barbieri wins gold, Kubiki is fifth. The hoped-for miracle did not come, Lotte Kubicki took fifth place in the GP, and her medal counter remained at two. Italy’s Rachel Barbieri surprised France’s Cobone and Poland’s Pikulik in the final and won the gold medal. .
  20. 7 pm. 10 p.m. It’s Barberry who’s already going to attack herself. In no time, she’s rushing into the bonus round, which really puts her in the lead. With that, she immediately gave her neck shot to Kopecky, who would now almost certainly fall outside the medals. .
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