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Lotte Kubicki after ninth place in World Cup practice: "Good, but road racing is a more important goal" |  cycling world championship

Lotte Kubicki after ninth place in World Cup practice: “Good, but road racing is a more important goal” | cycling world championship

Lotte Kobeki did not dare to pin the score beforehand. The winner was on the Tour of Flanders and she’ll want Bianch mainly so she can fly to Australia early and because she can use an ‘extra incentive’ towards the World Cup down the road.

Kopecky had to start early and was allowed to sit on the heated benches with her chrono long. In the end it was ninth place. “I’ve never been on the hot seat, it was nice,” says Kopecky. “The feel on the bike was good.”

“For a moment I thought I started very slowly, but in the second part I was glad I still had something in the tank. The legs were quite full, although luckily I was able to speed up a bit at the end. Here is the ninth and I can live with that.”

It wasn’t completely broken in the end. “Testing time is not easy for me. I don’t have enough experience yet. Do you go deep enough, where are my limits? You can’t get past it early, you have to organize well and it’s not clear,” Kubiki laughed.

“I am satisfied with the ninth place. I looked at the list of participants and was hoping to make the top ten. It worked. Now I have a week until the World Cup on the way, and that is a more important goal than this time trial.” See you next Saturday at the road race.

In her third World Test Championship, Julie van de Velde achieved the same result last year: 22. She wasn’t really happy about it. “I’m disappointed,” our compatriot said. “I couldn’t move my pre-determined strength on the road. That was annoying.”

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“I didn’t have the strength in my leg that I needed. It was really hard. Especially because of the many bends in the track. After every turn you have to speed up again and that makes it hard to get back into your rhythm.”

The women traveled the same distance as the men in Wollongong, Australia: 34.2 kilometers. “I’ve never done this long experience before. I felt it in my leg. I gave it my all, but the feeling wasn’t great on the way and it’s frustrating because you can’t take away the values ​​you want.”