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Louis and Gilles Vondekowi on the International Beach Circle: “Know Progress” | Beach Volleyball> Sports Area

Beach VolleyballThe National Beach Tournament has been suspended for some time, and Luis and Gilles Vondekavi used this interruption to embark on the ‘Geberit Beach Tour’ to enter the international round. Last week, the Courtridge brothers participated in a ‘Future Competition’ organized by FIVB in Balinese, Turkey. The men strongly defended the Belgian colors.

“Every year we try to add three international tournaments to our summer schedule,” says Luis Vondekavi. “This year we have registered in Polynesia (Turkey) and of course in Louvain (Belgium) and will play in Ljubljana (Slovenia) at the end of next month.

Four finals after five rounds in Belgium

“In Turkey we were able to get to the main draw,” Luis Vondekhov looks back at last week’s performance. ‚ÄúThen there was a pair from New Zealand in the quarterfinals against us. When they were allowed to play for third place, they proved to be strong in the competition. No problem, because we performed better. We feel we are making progress. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

“The results in Belgium prove that we are making progress,” confirms the Brother Couples Black player. “We’ve already been in the final four times in five motos. The best duos, Gokelkoran-van Wale and Coulson-Deroy, won the Kent and Yepres editions. But before that we were able to beat these two strong teams. It’s about capturing the right moments, they come. If confirmed, it will open up possibilities and we know there is still room for growth.

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“I’m not going to say that the top three spots in Belgium are already clear,” Luis Vondekhov warned in his predictions. “There are teams that are even better and better. I think it’s positive for teams that can reach Sunday’s games to get extra points. It’s making changes and creating more opportunities for ambitious doubles.

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