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Lufthansa pilots are preparing to operate again tomorrow and Thursday |  Abroad

Lufthansa pilots are preparing to operate again tomorrow and Thursday | Abroad

Pilots of German airline Lufthansa, the parent company of Brussels Airlines, will stop working again tomorrow and Thursday. The German command unit Vereinigung Cockpit announced this at night from Monday to Tuesday. On Friday, the pilots also stopped working due to dissatisfaction with their salaries.

The pilots’ union says Lufthansa can only avoid two days of work through a “serious offer”. According to various media, the consultations will take place again today. “We regret that the union continues to escalate,” Lufthansa said after the pilots’ union’s announcement.

The new strikes will affect passenger flights departing from Germany on Wednesday and Thursday, with only the freight division affected on Wednesday.

The pilots of the German parent company of Brussels Airlines also stopped working on Friday. About 130,000 passengers were affected by the cancellation of more than 800 flights. The procedure cost Lufthansa, according to her words, 32 million euros.

Salary increase and future strategy

The union wants a 5.5 percent pay increase for about 5,000 pilots and officers this year and an automatic correction for inflation from next year. There is also conflict about the airline’s future strategy.

Lufthansa is creating a new airline to take over some European flights. The collective action agreement does not cover pilots of this new airline, called Cityline 2, and they are paid less than their colleagues.