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Madiki Winner for 'Bachelor' Result: 'I was thrown before I got to know him better' |  Television

Madiki Winner for ‘Bachelor’ Result: ‘I was thrown before I got to know him better’ | Television

After a week of searching for love on the Play4 show “De Bachelor”, only two women remained: Madieke and Margaux. In the end, the first escaped Fabrizio’s heart. Fabrizio seemed to have made it all the way to the final: “I can’t get enough of you. I’m curious about what life has in store for us,” he told Maddecky. But in the end, their relationship turned out to have no future.” On our third date, Fabrizio said he didn’t feel in love. Then, of course, it stops,” Madik said at the time.

In an interview with HUMO, Madick now says that Fabrizio chose the woman he thought the audience would find the best option for him at the time.” We clicked, but he missed that feeling. He also said, “If I had chosen from my heart, I would have gone for Margo.” The Dutchman herself saw a future with Fabrizio at the time. “I was definitely open to him. Anyway, I was dumped before I got to know him better,” she says, laughing at HUMO. However, Madic doesn’t hold a grudge against Fabrizio. I still stand behind him and haven’t regretted being on the show for a second.

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