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Major American companies reimburse travel expenses for abortion

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Leaked document reveals that the US Supreme Court plans to rescind the federal right to abortion after nearly 50 years To modify the judgment of Rowe Wade

Chief Justice John Roberts Tuesday confirmed the authenticity of the documentBut the court said it had not yet taken a firm stand.

While the leak is surprising, there has long been a move to reduce access to abortion in several Republican-controlled states. According to an analysis Goodmaker Company There are 26 U.S. states that will abort abortion “certainly or probably” if Row vs. Wade actually turns upside down.

Many large companies with locations in states such as Texas and Oklahoma have announced efforts to ensure that their employees have access to restricted medical care.

Companies like Apple and Amazon in particular have included abortion in their benefits package and are reimbursing the travel expenses of employees who are unable to access medical care close to home.

Below is a list of major companies’ reactions to threats to reduce their right to abortion.


Apple CEO Tim Cook has already stepped down in September A talk About a law in Texas that once abortion is illegal, the heart rate can be measured in the fetus (known as the Texas Heartbeat Act or SB8).

The company released a note shortly afterwards stating that it was legal.Restricted“If medicine is not available close to home, the company’s insurance will pay for travel expenses for employees who have to move to another state,” he said.


Major Banking City, which has about 8,500 employees in Texas, told investors in March that “travel fees will be charged in response to changes in reproductive health laws in some states in the United States.” Access to appropriate care To make possible “.


On Monday, just hours before the Supreme Court document was leaked, Amazon informed its employees about it. Up to $ 4,000 per year Reimburse travel expenses required for medical treatment for life-threatening events, including abortion. This policy also applies to employees’ partners who participate in the company’s health insurance policies.

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Sales force

Shortly after the Texas law was passed in September, Salesforce told its staff in an internal message: “If you are concerned about access to reproductive health care in your state, Salesforce will assist you and your immediate family. Help to find a suitable place


Dating App Bumble Has set up a fund To support organizations fighting for abortion rights in Texas. The multi-billion dollar company founded in 2014 by Whitney Wolf Herd, released last fall Visible on Twitter It is “established and run by women” and “will continue to fight regulatory laws such as SB8.”

Bumble and Match were among the first technology companies based in Texas We openly oppose the abolition of the federal right to abortion

“We are shocked by the leaked statements of the Supreme Court ruling last night,” a Bumble spokesman said Tuesday. “At the pump, we firmly believe that women have the right to make decisions and have complete control over their bodies. Health, privacy and family planning are important for equality for all … Our group’s health and safety are our top priorities, and access to abortion care is up to the companies that win those rights. We will continue to work. ”


Posted by Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies on September 8, 2021, in response to Texas’ abortion law. An email to all employees in TexasIn it he wrote: “Our management is closely watching the impact of the new law on you, our company and our employees.”

Dell wrote, “A lot more needs to be revealed about how those laws will ultimately work out” and the company’s goal is to “give you more health care, not less.”

A Dell spokesman declined to comment on the leaked Supreme Court document on Monday, saying the company’s focus was “on its employees” and they would be “supported in what they need.”

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Of Levi

Levy’s employees, who work part-time at retail stores, can be reimbursed for their travel expenses if they wish to have an abortion in another state.

“Protecting access to all reproductive health services, including abortion, is of paramount importance to our business. Attempts to restrict or criminalize that access will have long-term consequences for American workers, the U.S. economy and racial and gender equality in our country.” Levy Strauss & Co. said in a statement to Insider on Tuesday.

“This will affect the progress women have made over the past 50 years, proportionately affect women of color and force companies to implement different health policies in different places,” the company continued in the statement. “Considering the risk, business leaders need to have their voices heard and protect the health and well-being of our employees.”


Lush Handmade Cosmetics said in January Returned to see the health insurance amountTo ensure that all U.S. employees have access to abortion care.

“We are deeply concerned about the rights of women in this country, not only because 80 percent of Lush staff are women, but we know that access to reproductive care, including abortion, is essential for a healthy worker and community.” , Chief Ethics Lush Cosmetics North America official Brandi Halls said in a statement shared with Insider.

“The leaked Supreme Court draft confirms our deep fears and we are looking for ways to include affected staff and help with affordable care,” the company continued in a statement. “But that ‘solution’ from the business world needs to be temporary, because we need laws like the Women’s Health Care Act that cover the will of the majority of the country and guarantee women’s rights: human rights.”

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