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Make your way to safety with Drop Dead: The Cabin

After the extremely positive reception of the original Drop Dead, Soul Assembly revealed Drop Dead: The Cabin. In this twist on a first-person zombie shooter, two players must team up to survive a night in the woods with the zombies.

Zombie shooting games, in any aspect, aren’t exactly a rarity. However, you play The Cabin with Meta Quest 2 on your head, which brings you much closer to the action. And suddenly it becomes very difficult to remain calm and make the right decisions when it comes to it. Because surviving isn’t that easy if you also have to make sure the alternator is still fueled, the lights should stay on and contact with the outside world continues.

Players are expected to work together to achieve these goals, which can translate to fighting side by side, dividing the work, or supporting one another. But, in theory, it’s often a racy act as they try to deal with Dr. Monday.

“With Drop Dead: The Cabin, we wanted to create an immersive collaborative survival experience that’s more than just a carnage, but a tactical challenge that requires teamwork, planning, and good communication to survive,” explains David Solari, CEO of Soul Assembly. “We’re big fans of ’80s horrors like The Evil Dead, The Cabin in the Woods, and Stranger Things, so we wanted to get our love letter to the genre in the most immersive way possible: virtual reality.”

Drop Dead: The Cabin is due out later this year. Interested players can register over here Subscribe to the trial version.

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