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Manchester United coach Eric Ten Hag after his debut in a minor: 'This is a process' of foreign football

Manchester United coach Eric Ten Hag after his debut in a minor: ‘This is a process’ of foreign football

“We knew from the start that it wasn’t going to be easy,” Ten Hag said after the match. But this is a serious disappointment. We have to deal with that.

Ten Hag was particularly critical of his players’ defensive errors. “We missed two easy balls. This defeat was not necessary. Unfortunately it happened, we have to learn lessons from that.”

In the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo came to the field. But the Portuguese superstar couldn’t make the difference either. However, the Manchester United coach expressed satisfaction with Ronaldo’s performance.

“What if he had the effect I wanted? I think so. It was clear to see. We were better in the second half. We created something, especially those two chances from Marcus Rashford. It’s a shame we couldn’t score at that time.”

Ten Hag repeated several times that it takes time to allow his team and Cristiano Ronaldo to pay off. “You can’t force her. He’s only been training for over a week now. This match will help get him in full fitness. He’ll be even better next week.”

So first appearances are in a minor key, but time seems to be the key at Old Trafford for the next few weeks. “We already knew it wasn’t going to be easy. It takes time, but you don’t get time at the top. We have to draw lessons from this and learn from it.”

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