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Marvel Studios 'Fantastic Four' takes a big step

Marvel Studios ‘Fantastic Four’ takes a big step

Marvel Studios has movies like code And The Fantastic Four announced some time ago. The first production will begin this summer, but we’re hearing very little about the Fantastic Four.

Now it has become clear through that moon knightProducers Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin are also producers The Fantastic Four† This can be very positive, since recently moon knight It had a completely different format than many other films or series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Moon Knight’s executive producers are the same people who run the Fantastic Four, so we’ve talked a lot about that,” Jeremy Slater, principal writer at moon night“Grant and Nick are great executive producers. They will find brilliant writers and brilliant directors.”

I’m looking for a director and four actors
And they still have to find these directors (directors). Recently it became clear that John WattsSpider-Man: There is no room for homeThe movie won’t come out anyway.

There should also be a staff. Nothing is known about it yet, although fans hope so John Krasinski He will play the role of Reed Richards / Mr. awesome and Emily Blunt Like Sue Storm, aka The Invisible Woman.

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