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Er is al diverse keren geprotesteerd tegen de plannen van de varkensboer (foto: Natuurmonumenten).

Massive Oirschot stables on the way: the municipality wants to buy the pig company

The arrival of the huge stalls of 15,000 pigs on the Logtsebaan in Oirschot appears to have been stopped for good. Auerschot city council voted unanimously Thursday night to cooperate with developer Ruimte voor Ruimte, which wants to buy a pig farm, in order to prevent the construction of stables next to the De Kampina nature reserve.

The arrival of huge stables has been discussed since 2008. At that time, the municipality gave the go-ahead for the major expansion of Logtsebaan. Subsequently, the province also agreed to this, which thwarted Natuurmonumenten and the Brabant Ecological Federation (BMF). These organizations have been challenging permits from the start.

The case was filed for ten years, until the State Council decided that the permits could not be revoked. Meanwhile, the municipality and county have also changed their stance. They also saw the arrival of the huge stables as “undesirable”.

A failed attempt
In recent years, research has been done on how to prevent the construction of stables. For example, the county tried to buy a pig farm last year, after it was unexpectedly put up for sale. Then the owner did not agree despite the “appropriate and realistic” offer, according to the governorate.

Now Room for Room managed to impress the owner. The development company has set a condition for cooperation with the municipality of Auerschot, in order to absorb any financial loss. The sale is said to be around 2 million euros.

Alderman Joep van de Veen recently indicated that he hopes to secure an agreement from the city council. “There is very little danger to the municipality. Sometimes you must dare to hold on to your neck for a good reason.”

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