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Maxima Launches “The Marble Myopia Outside the World” Campaign

It looks like Maxima’s summer vacation started last week, but today she’s still in the picture. At Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Eye Fund campaign “Knikker myopia out of the world” launched this afternoon.

A new study by the fund shows that the quality of Dutch youth’s eyes is deteriorating: more and more children are becoming nearsighted as a result of closer viewing and less daylight. Over the next 30 years, myopia is expected to blind 50,000 people. To put an end to this eye disease and to educate children, their parents and teachers, the Eye Fund is launching the “Knikker myopia out of the world!” campaign.

Queen Maxima spoke at Erasmus MC with Eye Fund staff and ophthalmologists about myopia, the impact of low vision, advances in ophthalmology and the collaboration between the Eye Fund and Erasmus MC. Then I offered her an eye exam for myopic children at the ophthalmology outpatient clinic. Queen Maxima then launched the campaign in the presence of ophthalmologists, researchers and children interested in their parents. After that she met many concerned people.

Photo: PPE/Van Emst

I must say I was totally shocked by the above information. Blindness due to lack of daylight and the formation of 50,000 blind in 30 years. This is not cat piss! Glad the Queen draws attention to this.

Simple rules of life
Research shows that playing outside for an extra hour a week significantly reduces the risk of myopia in children. That is why the Eye Trust and ophthalmologists recommend some simple rules of life that parents and children can use to prevent the development of myopia:

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Keep screens at arm’s length from the eye
Twenty minutes later, look closely, twenty seconds in the distance and go outside for at least two hours every day

Outfit: V-neck front midi dress
Tag: Massimo Dutti
Worn by: Twice

Photo: personal protective equipment

The new bag is by Marina Raphael, a Greek designer where Maxima often shops.

Photo: personal protective equipment

The pegs are from a previous set of Peter Andrew.

The dress is designed by Massimo Dutti.

With the dress in Delft, April 2022.

With the dress in Leiden, May 2022.

Photo: personal protective equipment

The belt is an Etro design.

Only the earrings remain. They are from Gripoix.