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Meren Ziemann, Architect at Jumbo-Visma: “Tense? Not more than I already was” |  a trip

Meren Ziemann, Architect at Jumbo-Visma: “Tense? Not more than I already was” | a trip

“It will be a frustrating interview,” Meren Zeeman laughs after a few minutes during the conversation with our reporter. Although the Dutchman readily admits it at the same time: yesterday was a bad day for Jumbo-Visma.

Should the yellow shirts lick their wounds today? “I haven’t seen it yet, but I think it’s going well Jonas FingergaardZeman said this morning.

Concerns about Tiesj Benoot got a little bigger after his fall. or not? “He was really happy at breakfast and said he wasn’t disappointed. He has serious wounds and will suffer from that, but things will be fine anyway.”

But still: Black Sunday has left its mark. “Everything went fine, but then there was this double fall. This is the Tour de France.”

“Yesterday it was us, and tomorrow it could be someone else. You shouldn’t think about this for too long. You have to accept it and look for the best.”

Sunday morning misery began to give up Primoz Roglic. Does Jumbo-Visma regret it – for later?

Meryn Zeman: “No, it wasn’t so early. It was more like a day late than early.”

“There was nothing left at Primose. He wanted nothing more than to help Jonas go to Paris, but when you bike in so much pain and you are completely empty… you are no longer a contributor to the team. You can destroy someone. Help, but we are not.”

Zeman laughed at the criticism that Roglic did not want to be a servant. However, with a quarter of the team remaining on the ground, Jumbo-Visma will have to intervene tactically. “Yes, but on the tour you always have to expect that.”

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“We had to make a plan for the Alps, because then I read that the round was already set. We turned it around, and now we’re in the corner where the hits fall.”

“This is a brutal race. You have to deal with it and we can do it. The best rider wins in Paris and it’s not over yet.”

“Tadej Pojakar will keep fighting until his last breath, just like the Ineos Grenadiers. They still have 3 guys in the top 10 so they still have options. We’ve never settled for them and definitely won’t.”

But fortunately there is still… Wout van Aert. “I said it yesterday: Wout is a great captain and a great assistant in one,” said the athletic director.

“He might be the best rider on this Tour, or even the best rider at the moment. Wout is a great character, a true leader. He gives us confidence.”

A leader will be forced into more servitude in the Pyrenees from Tuesday to Thursday. “That has not changed.”

“We always wanted to target green as quickly as possible so that Wout could put himself in the service of yellow more. It was a perfect success.”

“That he will now have to lead more in the service? Not different from what we had planned. There are also individual goals for Wout with trial time and Paris.”

“We just stick to our plan. Whether you’re more nervous now? Not more than you already were. Yellow in the round is nothing, hey. We know how it could end. Anything can happen up to trial time.”

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