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Merkel receives UNESCO Peace Prize after efforts to help refugees |  News

Merkel receives UNESCO Peace Prize after efforts to help refugees | News

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been awarded the 2022 Peace Prize by UNESCO for her efforts in hosting refugees.

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“All the judges were touched by her bold decision in 2015 to take in more than 1.2 million refugees, mainly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea,” said Jury Chair and former Nobel Peace Prize laureate Denis Mukwege, stressing that Merkel had left her mark in history. .

Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, praised Merkel, saying her win underscores that welcoming migrants and refugees is a major concern.

The Peace Prize, officially called the Félix Houphouet-Boigny and UNESCO Peace Prize, is named after the former President of Côte d’Ivoire. It has been awarded every year since 1989 to individuals, organizations, or institutions that have made special efforts to promote, seek, or secure peace. It remains unclear when the award will be handed over to Merkel, who left politics last year after four terms as chancellor.

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In the summer of 2015, with refugees pouring into Europe, Merkel opened her country’s borders and made headlines with “Wirwerving das” statements. She eventually retracted her pro-immigration stance as support among the public and within her party collapsed.

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