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Meta will soon open its first physical 'Experience Store'

Meta will soon open its first physical ‘Experience Store’

Gadget manufacturers have been doing this for years. They open their own stores, the so-called experience stores, to give customers who (have to) buy almost everything online these days, the opportunity to physically touch and try the products. Meta, known from Facebook, will now open such a store. No, not to be able to Facebook or WhatsApp, but to try, test and buy the company’s physical products.

Meta Store with real and virtual demos

door Meta Store, where the store will be named very appropriately—and not too creatively—will open May 9 at the Meta Campus in Burlingame, California. In addition to keeping and trying products like VR goggles, the store also features a Quest 2 demo and the option to communicate with store staff via video calls. In addition, visitors can also discover how Ray-Ban stories can help them stay present in the world around them.

The Meta Store also features an interactive display wall from Quest 2. There, visitors can sample the hardware, accessories, and content available. In the Quest 2 demo room, games like Beat Saber, GOLF+, Real VR Fishing or Supernatural can be played on a wall-to-wall curved LED screen. This screen gives visitors an impression of what these games will look like when you’re wearing a VR headset.

Relatively small experience store

At 144 square meters (1,550 square feet), the Meta Store isn’t very big, but according to Meta it’s big enough to get a good impression of the products available there.

“The Meta Store will help people connect with how our products can become the portal to the metaverse of the future. We don’t sell the metaverse in our store, but we hope people will come and go out to learn more about how they can help our products interact with it,” said Martin Gilliard, president of the Meta Store. .

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