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Michelle Wittes eyes Vuelta after 'exceptional tour': 'Hope we get an excellent lineup, then we know better Remco's standing' |  Tour de France

Michelle Wittes eyes Vuelta after ‘exceptional tour’: ‘Hope we get an excellent lineup, then we know better Remco’s standing’ | Tour de France

Tour de FranceThe Tour de France is over. Our analyst Michel Wuyts is looking back on one last time, but he also looked to the Vuelta and the World Cup. Tadej Pogacar has doubts about participating in the Vuelta a España. I understand that. I hope to participate. And he is taking a firm approach with his companion (Primoz Roglic, editor) from Slovenia.”

The Wuyts are looking forward to the final part of the cycling season. “Who would win the Vuelta? If Roglic becomes fit, I’ll pick him. Pogacar doubts to take part in the Vuelta a España. I understand that. I hope he participates. And that he takes a firm approach with his companion from Slovenia. Better where Evenepoel stands.”

After the Vuelta, the World Cup will take place. Remarkable: Van Aert does not want to participate in the World Cup beta at the moment. Shouldn’t that be considered? “It all depends on how prepared he is for that amount of time. In the World Cup there is a week between the trial time and the road race. So that’s collectible. But what do you do for that? Canadian racing is currently on its schedule. Then you get a new problem: jet lag. …If he skips these two races from Canada, I don’t think it’s impossible. But the burning question is what works for him more: a world trial title or a world title on the road? I know. The second.”

top 3

The Wuyts are back for the last time in the Tour de France. How special is this round of the Tour de France? “Very exceptional. We have to go back 50 years to find a tour that has just as great a dynamism,” says Michelle Wittes. “This has to do with the great characters, as you used to do with Merckx, Ocaña, Van Impe and Thevenet. Courageous men. In this round you had Van Aert first, followed by Vingegaard and Pogacar.”

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The last three are the numbers for this round. The Wuyts put them in his top three, with Van Aert in the top spot. “I haven’t seen any character in my career who left his mark from day one to day 20. Yesterday he left it, and I understand that.” “Van Aert took off from the start and also won the time trial on day 20. Every now and then he’s settled a lot and gone for personal success. This tends to make the impossible a reality.”

Wittes put Vinggaard in second and Pojjacar in third. “Vingegaard punctured the unbeatable character of Pogacar. He makes us happy, because we can look forward to duels. There is simply nothing better than a duel. Without Pogacar we wouldn’t have had that on this round. He attacked constantly, but it also made me doubt. Was he There in full concentration?”

Wuyts also paid tribute to Jumbo-Visma. “The difference with teams like Sky in the past? They dared to take risks. They had several plans. Their potential is vast. Before the start I thought Jesink and Dennis should always be there. But then it turns out that Van Hoydonk is also conquering the mountains. So I made a choice Good “.

Three flops

It’s time to mess up. According to Waits, he disappointed Mathieu van der Poel the most. “He drove a good run at the opening time, but no more was announced. He was almost nowhere. Fortunately, we know why. When you have such a tight base, you go from promotion to relegation. Unfortunately for him in the most match Watch “.

In second place: Filippo Gana. “I expect him to do more than just time trials. As a world champion, you would expect him to win a time trial, but he didn’t really come close. Plus, he attacked once and had to release him first.”

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Final flip: Lotto-Sudal. “They were very unlucky. Ewan and Vermeersch went down, but before that Ewan didn’t get ninth and thirteenth in Denmark. That’s not enough. I found the choice about Ewan very strange: Kluge, Selig and Schwarzman were chosen for the enemy train, but they weren’t. The young Belgians had to solve this, but they couldn’t be persuaded. Van Muir was close to winning the Tour last year, but that hasn’t been the case this year.”

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