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Microplastic was first discovered in fresh ice in Antarctica

Microplastics have already been found in ice and water around Antarctica, but this is the first time small plastic pieces have been found in fresh ice. The Researchers from New Zealand Did not expect to find microplastics so far in the new snow.

Nothing has become less true. Plastic pieces were found in all the samples taken by the researchers. A total of thirteen types of microplastics were discovered. Most ballistic comb from bottles or cloth.

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‘This is very sad’

Alex Aves, a PhD student who was one of the researchers, said that it was very sad that microplastic materials were also found here. “It shows that plastic pollution is developing even in the most remote parts of the world,” Aves said Defender

The reason, according to researchers: Antarctica has a high population. And those people are bringing plastic.

Effect of microplastics

What is the impact of microplastics on the environment? Previous research has shown that microplastics in the atmosphere can trap radiation, thereby contributing to climate change. Dark microplastics in ice also absorb sunlight and melt the ice around it.

Microplastics can also be toxic to animals and plants. It was recently reported that microplastic was found in the human lung. What are the health risks to humans is being further explored under the leadership of a Dutch team. But doctors are very worried.

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