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Microsoft confirms: The Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming device is still in development

Microsoft confirms: The Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming device is still in development

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Cloud game streaming device, codenamed Keystone, is still in development.

The compressed device provides access to files Xbox Game Pass Across Xbox Cloud Games† Microsoft revealed in June of last year that the . file Xbox Streaming Stick (Opens in a new tab) It has been developed. This is the code name “Keystone”. Windows Central (Opens in a new tab) Reports confirm that the device is a “modern HDMI streaming device” and shows similarities with Chromecast (Opens in a new tab) And the google stadia (Opens in a new tab)† However, Microsoft has announced that this particular version will not be released publicly.

In a statement to Windows Central, Microsoft said: “Our vision for Xbox Cloud gaming is consistent. Our goal is to enable gamers to play their favorite games whenever and wherever they want. As we announced last year, we are working on a game streaming device codenamed Keystone. It can be connected to a TV or a monitor without the need for a controller.”

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The company also released a statement: “As part of any engineering adventure, we always evaluate our steps, review what we’ve learned and validate its value to our customers. We’ve made the choice to move away from this version of the Keystone hardware. We’re taking all of our accumulated knowledge and focusing on a new approach that makes it possible to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming for gamers around the world.”

It is currently not clear what changes Microsoft has planned. Anyway, the company isn’t ready to officially reveal the Xbox streaming device just yet. Despite recent inventory improvements, the Xbox Xbox X And Generation S is hard to buy thanks to Global chip shortage† That’s why the company is choosing to release a dedicated streaming stick in the meantime.

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Xbox Series X console on top of the Xbox Series X console.

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