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Milan bites his teeth in Atalanta, an amazing raid by 3 Belgians |  Series A TIM 2022/2023

Milan bites his teeth in Atalanta, an amazing raid by 3 Belgians | Series A TIM 2022/2023

  1. 45 + 1′ – Yellow – Anti Rebic
  2. 29′ – Goal – Ruslan Malinovsky (1-0)
  3. 16′ – Yellow – Raphael Toluy
  1. 90 + 5′ – Yellow – Martin de Rohn
  2. 89′ – Follow Joakim Mæhle by Nader Zortia
  3. 84′ – David Calabria followed Alessandro Florenzi
  4. 82′ – Berat Gemsiti continued to M. Caleb Okoli
  5. 78′ – Yellow – Theo Hernandez
  6. 78′ – Yellow – Berat Djimsiti
  7. 75′ – Yellow – Sandro Tonali
  8. 73′ – Followed by Ruslan Malinovsky by Ademola Lookman
  9. 73′ – Continued by Duvan Zapata by Luis Morell
  10. 73′ – Follow Mario Basalek to Giorgio Scalvini
  11. 68′ – Goal – Ismael Bennacer (1-1)
  12. 66′ – Follow Rafael Liao Divock Auretic
  13. 66′ – Follow Young Christ by Alexis Saelemaekers
  14. 58′ – Follow Ante Rebic by Olivier Giroud
  15. 58′ – Brahim Diaz continued to Charles de Kettler
  16. 48′ – Yellow – Hans Hatebor

In the Italian Serie A, Milan did not get past the 1-1 draw at the stadium of its neighbor Atalanta Bergamo. The champion played the best performance in the second half, but could not take the three points in the suitcase. The three Belgians – Charles de Kettleri, Alexis Sailemakers and Divock Origi – came after the hour, but made no immediate impression. The Sailmakers gave the pass 1-1.

Milan had successfully entered last week, but the regional trip to Bergamo was much less.

Atalanta created impeccable organization and Ruslan Malinovsky fired 1-0 on the other side of the field after half an hour.

Milan had to turn things around after the break and did so, although it remained difficult to break the home team’s defense.

Ismael Bennacer did it superbly 20 minutes before the end, shortly after the three Belgians appeared on the field. The Algerian-French midfielder had received the ball from the right side of Salemakers and avoided an opponent in the 16th minute and hit the far corner near the post.

None of the Belgians could leave their mark. The verdict was a fair draw.

  1. The second half, the 96th minute, the game is over
  2. Yellow card for Atalanta’s Martin de Ron during the second half, 95th minute
  3. Martin de Ron (Atalanta) called up by the referee. He went away in Charles de Kettleri (Milan). Second half, 95th minute.
  4. Pierre Kalolo (AC Milan) blows the whistle from the referee. He went away in Luis Morell (Atalanta). Second half, 93rd minute.
  5. The referee calls up the Teun Koopmeiners (Atalanta) again. He went too far in Theo Hernandez (Milan). Second half, 92nd minute.
  6. The second half, the 89th minute. Substitution in Atalanta, Nader Zurte inside, Joachim Mohl outside.
  7. Luis Muriel takes the corner for Atalanta. The ball drops in the middle in front of the goal. Second half, 87th minute.
  8. In Atalanta, the corner was taken by Luis Morell. His cross goes to the first column. Second half, 87th minute.
  9. The attempt is saved by Juan Musso (Atalanta), who does not waste the rebound. Second half, 86th minute.
  10. Theo Hernandez (AC Milan) attacks his left… Second half, 86th minute.
  11. Second half, 84th minute. Milan substitution, Alessandro Florenzi, and Davide Calabria out
  12. Sandro Tonali hit the corner kick for Milan. The ball drops in the middle in front of the goal. Second half, 83rd minute.
  13. The second half, the 82nd minute. Substitution in Atalanta, Mimi Caleb Okoli inside, Berat Gemsiti exit.
  14. Yellow card for Milan player Theo Hernandez during the second half, 78th minute
  15. Yellow card for Atalanta’s Berat Gemsiti during the second half, 78th minute
  16. Yellow card for AC Milan Sandro Tonali during the second half, 75th minute
  17. Referee whistle for Sandro Tonali (AC Milan). He went away at Ademola Lookman (Atalanta). Second half, 75th minute.
  18. Second half, minute 73. Substitution in Atalanta, Ademola Lukman in, Ruslan Malinovsky out
  19. Second half, 73rd minute. Substitution in Atalanta, Luis Morell inside, and Duvan Zapata outside
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