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Minister Stagoire: A total of 444 million euros to modify fishing fleets | news item

news item | 2022-07-01 | 16:21

Minister Staghouwer (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) is fully committed to adapting the fishing fleet to become smaller, more diverse and more sustainable. The Council of Ministers allocates a total of 444 million euros, among others, to processing and innovations to support the necessary transition. The House of Representatives was informed of this.

Historically fishing is firmly rooted in Dutch culture. The sector has come under pressure in recent years: the area for fishing has shrunk due to Brexit, an increase in wind farms and more protected natural areas. And recently, fuel costs have also gone up. In order to achieve sustainable fishing profits, a new path must be developed. There will be a restructuring plan for entrepreneurs who want to stop. Entrepreneurs who want to become more sustainable get help. Minister Stagoire wants to discuss the plans with fishermen, managing partners, chain parties and banks next year.

Minister Stagoire: The sea has been a food for centuries, and we have to conserve it. At the same time, the sustainable fishing sector is critical. That is why we must take major steps in the coming period: cleaner engines and less ecological fishing methods. A smaller sector, but it is more prepared for the future and in which to earn a decent living.”

Measures and resources

The government will provide a total of 444 million euros over the coming years for the transition to a smaller and more sustainable fleet:

  • €199 million will be provided from the Climate Fund. The fishing sector is losing space due to the arrival of additional offshore wind farms. Additionally, sustainability is essential. It is spent on supporting innovations, fleet renewal and joint use of wind farms. The amount is based on the expected loss of income as a result of these developments.
  • A total of €200 million is available from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) (of which €155 million is for processing, €33 million is for the Shutdown Scheme and €12 million is for the Liquidity Scheme). The restructuring scheme is for fishing vessel owners who can demonstrate that they face the consequences of Brexit in the form of loss of quota and is subject to European Commission approval.
  • In the North Sea Agreement, €45 million has already been made available for sustainable fishing innovations.
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At the request of the Chamber of Deputies, the Cabinet decided to operate a bridging arrangement for the partitions pending the arrangement of the reform. “Cutter hunters in particular should give this one some relief while waiting for clarity. After all, a European reorganization plan is in the pipeline, but it still has to be approved by the European Commission. I consider a cold remedy undesirable; Minister Stagoire said that the early opening of this regulation is of great importance to provide clarity to a part of the sector.” This means that the opening of the restructuring plan – after the green light from the European Commission – may come before the opening of the bridging scheme.

Fisheries Innovation Network

Minister Stagower wants fishermen who want to continue working with confidence. At the Fisheries Innovation Network (VIN), fisheries sector ambassadors, knowledge institutions, NGOs and the government recently began working together on proposals for how and how to achieve minimum fuel emissions, less disruptive fishing techniques on the sea floor. Dealing with offshore wind farms. It should give fishermen more knowledge about where the opportunities lie and how they can take advantage of them to make a better living. Anyone wishing to contribute ideas about innovation can apply.
Entrepreneurs with concrete innovative proposals – and there are – can take advantage of the Innovation Performance Contracts for Sustainable Fisheries (IPC Vis) from the support unit from mid-July, which will be opened in anticipation of proposals from VIN. At the moment, 1.1 million euros are available.

Business help

In order to better support entrepreneurs in making decisions, the “Entrepreneur Assistance for Fisheries” is being created at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Entrepreneurs can already find information about support units or licensing obligations here. The Business help It will be expanded in the near future.

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