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money later.  Tineke (32) ordered online through an ad: "Created when the package was opened" |  MyGuide

money later. Tineke (32) ordered online through an ad: “Created when the package was opened” | MyGuide

Everyone makes a mistake that sometimes has small or big financial consequences. in This series Tell people about their financial missteps. This week, Tineke Veenstra, which purchased malicious tools through ads on social media.

Why do you need resources?

I’ve had Shurgen’s syndrome, a form of rheumatism, for 15 years. It is a systemic disease that attacks my entire body, from head to toes and everything in between, especially joints, muscles and tendons, as I lose strength or pain. I had to learn to walk four times all over again.”

What did you buy through those ads?

“Pillow for a chair with a specific seat shape that is suitable for your body position. I usually have pain in my pelvis and back, even when sitting. This pillow seemed nice to me, you can take it with you separately in the car seat, on a regular chair or on the seat.”


Six weeks later, I didn’t expect to see the pillow at all.

Tinky Finstra (32)

what happened?

“I saw the pillow in my Instagram stories. I was a bit hesitant, but it looked professional, with samples of videos and reviews. It was an American site, but I thought: just try it. It costs 50 euros. First, I get all kinds of emails that I can Package tracked, but company names or tracking numbers changed by email. Six weeks later, I didn’t expect to see the pillow at all. Then something fell on the doormat. It was flat and A4. I thought: It feels soft, but that can’t That it was, right? I cut off the plastic and yes, it was my “pillow.” A little flat thing, when you sit on it, collapses to the same height as you put it, and is thus completely useless.”

Why didn’t you return it?

“If I were to send it back to America, it would be a higher cost to myself. They also made the returns process so complicated, with pages of terms and conditions written in small font, that it seemed impossible to get my money back. I thought: Tineke, this is so stupid and we We don’t do it again.”

Have you seen anything like this before?

“Yes, with some kind of knife, meant to cut medicine in half, chop it fine and open the package. I can’t cut a pill in half with my rheumatic hand. This knife also came from the outside and fell apart when the package was opened. I tried to fix it: in vain. I threw it away.” .

Why did you buy through those ads anyway?

“There’s less and less reimbursement from health insurance, so you start looking for affordable solutions to these kinds of problems.”


I will never order from America or China again.

Tinky Finstra (32)

Then you end up with companies that own their own malicious tools. Doesn’t that make you angry?

They are really targeting a target group that lives on a certain budget. I can no longer work, I live on little and you try to deal with that as much as possible. On the other hand, this is also your fault, a big bump. You always have to pay attention.”

So never buy through social media ads again?

“Now when I see a product, I remember its name and Google it to see if I can get it from a trusted store near home. But it won’t happen again across America or China.”

How do you recognize a fraudulent web store? “If there is no lock icon in front of the url, the bell should ring”

Marlis allowed to be taken over by a network marketing company: “I invested 11,000 euros in products that I will sell. Without success.”

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