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More than 175,000 Belgians own real estate abroad

More than 175,000 Belgians own real estate abroad


At least 176,198 Belgians own real estate abroad, of which 20,746 own one or more homes or vacation accommodations. This is clear from the numbers requested by the newspaper de Tijd of the Federal Public Finance Service.

source: BELGA

The figures are available for the first time because foreign properties have recently been valued in the same way as properties in Belgium. So the tax authorities had to determine the cadastral income of foreign homes.

Most of the multiple owners own two foreign ownerships. It concerns 15,502 Belgians. A further 3195 citizens own three foreign property, and 1159 own four foreign property. A select group of about 150 Belgians own between 10 and 50 foreign properties, of which six owners own more than 50.

France is especially popular. The country accounts for just under 29 percent of foreign property owned by Belgians. It is followed by Spain (26%), Italy (13.9%), the Netherlands (9.8%) and Portugal (3.6%). The top ten were completed by Portugal, Greece, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Romania, although those countries follow it from a distance.

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