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Morioka linked with stunning Belgian transfer

Morioka linked with stunning Belgian transfer

STVV has had a very good season and wants to look even better this year. Christian Prouls would like to leave the club, but STVV remains calm. According to TV Limburg, Ryota Morioka’s name is circulating on Stayen.

Technical Director André Pinto talked about the Brüls file, which Standard would like to remove. Brüls wants a better, long-term contract with STVV. Bento remained calm and also responded to the rumors about Morioka. “He hasn’t made us any offer yet. At home or abroad. Are the rumors about Morioka true? He’s a great player, but we don’t talk to him. He’s a Charleroi player and when we talk if you want he wants to communicate with him, there has to be an agreement first with him.” his club,” he notes carefully.


That’s not the case for Bruhls, as a (standard?) team has already spoken to him. “Our main goal is to preserve Brüls.” If STVV is actually considering Morioka if Brüls leaves the club, Hollerbach could break up Morioka and Kagawa with a Japanese midfield. Frank Boya can be in the shadows with his physical strength. Both midfielders are technically skilled, so there may still be some things that will happen at Stein.

Morioka has been a fixture on the Belgian fields for years. He has already played for Waasland-Beveren and RSC Anderlecht and for several years has been active in Charleroi. The Japanese played 166 matches in Belgium, scoring 31 goals and making 42 assists.

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