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Most clickbait articles are written around this button

Most clickbait articles are written around this button

The people in Roelofarendsveen are shocked! They’ve been wandering around for years and dumped nearly millions of euros in cash. Please sit down before reading this article. The producers of this interview weren’t aware that the microphone was still on. These 2022 model year SUVs are going for bargain prices. Wait until you see which house 59-year-old Rolf Waters lives in.

So, we also lost all the taste of constipated clicks. By the way, there is a good chance that no one will read this article because all the algorithms of Facebook and Google are killing it instantly because of these cries.

It’s summer and that means sites (and we’re certainly guilty of that sometimes) on our editorial schedule should be posting a few things about what to do in the heat and tricks with air conditioning. Every year we see the same messages along the lines of: “With this button you can save countless Euros on gasoline.” Some articles even claim that you save money and fuel. Boh, Boh.

Image: Google screenshot

Behind clickbait articles, there are sometimes great tips

The entry level variant of these recurring items is the Recycle button. By pressing this button, you are pumping the same air around the car. So you don’t have to keep the warm outside air cool all the time, which saves energy and therefore fuel. A very good tip that not everyone knows, we admit it right away.

Some are so cute

The worst articles we see are texts about the “forgotten button” that “saves up to a liter of fuel per 100 km”. Want to take a gamble? Yes, these articles advise you to turn off the air conditioner to save fuel. In fact, an air conditioner does cost fuel, but will you dry yourself at 35 degrees? A bottle of water at the gas station isn’t cheap either.

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