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Complete News World realizes GIRAFF project to investigate spatial planning in Pittem realizes GIRAFF project to investigate spatial planning in Pittem

The Nationaal has started the GIRAFF project in 15 Flemish municipalities and Brussels with the aim of examining the spatial planning of a street, neighborhood or square. The Pittemse division has jumped on the bandwagon and is now initially launching a citizen survey.

“At the beginning of 2021, the National launched its selection procedure for the GIRAFF project and we, along with the Pittemse Division, decided to apply immediately as a candidate because we believe that spatial planning is very important,” Chairman Veronique Reidt told us. “There are a lot of changes in that area of ​​Flanders and we are sure that there are certainly opportunities in Pittem to broaden our view of space. GIRAFF’s ambition is to rethink and improve a street, square or neighborhood as a green, healthy and social place. Scattered throughout Flanders and Brussels, was chosen 15 municipalities and we are proud to be one of them.”

Think along

“With the project, wants to invite every inhabitant to view the (public) space in our municipality differently. The intention is for residents to let their imaginations run wild in searching for beautification possibilities of a neighborhood, place, square or street. When we are not focused on the car, the public spaces will be available New opportunities, where children can play again, there are resting and meeting places for the elderly and there is more space for greenery.”

Citizen Survey

GIRAFF stands for Good In Space @ Photo & Film. “Good In Ruimte” because we want to feel good in a neighborhood where the available space has been carefully considered. “Photo & Film” because GIRAFF wants to capture the future of neighborhoods with photos and videos. The project is a participatory process, where the participants are asked to contribute their ideas which are divided into different phases. After the preparatory work by the steering committee, the first phase now follows: a large citizen survey.”

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Out of the box

“How do we go about this survey? First of all, we ask residents to think of possible opportunities, for example by directing them to the Pittem-Egem map. Then, people can think about what can be done concretely to make the neighborhood more alive, and how Health can be improved or how nature can be helped. We really want to encourage everyone to think differently and ambitiously, completely “outside the box.” So thinking in this way is mandatory!

If you have specific ideas, you can pass them on to us. This is possible first of all at the following events where we will be physically present: during the Korte Ketenmarkt in the municipality on May 15, during the 100 years Pittem-Egem anniversary party on May 25 or during Smoefelfietstocht on May 26. Ideas can also be transmitted digitally via†Finally, a number of giraffe postcards on which odds may be indicated will also be distributed.”

stick out your neck

“To ensure that people do not forget to hold their necks, we bring to the Pittem a real giraffe, which has already attached its neck to our municipality and will sometimes appear on the scene. We will then choose a site or project from the offerings via the citizen survey that we will start working on. A working group will be formed that continues to think. Work and dream. The site will be explored, there will be support from local residents, a test is prepared and everything will be checked and evaluated. Of course, it is not just about dreams. Our goal is to turn a dream into action. With the GIRAFF project we want to formulate policy and encourage our representatives to encourage the municipality To help make the dream come true. (JG)

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