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Mozilla activates full cookie protection on all Firefox users – Computer – News

Mozilla has enabled full cookie protection by default on all Firefox users. This makes it more difficult for websites and advertisers to track the behavior of Firefox users.

Previously, full cookie protection was only available if the user had activated the browser’s “strict” privacy setting. Now also available with default privacy setting, writes mozilla† According to the company, this will “better” protect user privacy.

Full cookie protection is part of Enhanced Tracking Protection Since Firefox 86† Each tracking cookie that tracks users across multiple websites is isolated by complete cookie protection. As a result, cookies can no longer be shared with other websites.

Enhanced Tracking Protection uses a list of the Disconnect tracking blocker to identify and block trackers. However, it only works fine if that list from Disconnect is up to date. Users can still track domains that are not in the list. Complete cookie protection works in a different way. Uses division of the countrywhich is a technology that determines if a third party cookie is trying to track someone through websites.

Source: Mozilla
Source: Mozilla
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