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Mysterious “UFO Train” of bright spots in the Brabant night sky

1/2 Photo: Dorothée Jansen-Van Leeuwen / Twitter.

A special phenomenon over Brabant, Saturday evening. Mysterious lights can be seen in the sky, flying through space like a UFO train. We’ve received countless emails from people who have wondered about the bright spots.

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There have been reports from Tilburg and Eindhoven, among others, of people watching the luminous train fly.

“It’s a very strange thing, I’ve never seen it before.”

Jan Willem, who lives in the Reeshof in Tilburg, photographed this phenomenon. Someone said, “What is this? It looks like an airplane engine is burning.” And another: “They all look like stars, some kind of meteor. It’s a very strange thing. I’ve never seen this before.”

It turns out that they are not UFOs, but satellites from SpaceX, the space company of Elon Musk. They flew over our country in a row.

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Satellites are put into orbit in groups. There are currently approximately 2,000 SpaceX satellites orbiting in space.

flashing lights train
One of the satellite constellations flew over our country on Saturday evening. It looks like a train of bright spots in the night sky and is easy to see with the naked eye. Stunning scene.

Ultimately, SpaceX plans to build more than 12,000 satellites and may expand to 42,000 later. With that, the company plans to surround the entire planet with satellites that can send a fast and usable Wi-Fi signal.

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