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NASA satellite Capstone on track to orbit Moon – IT Pro – News

@Johan1995 never read. He knew nothing about rocket technology, nothing about space travel. Even something as basic as renewable energy was not in his knowledge box.

Are you studying with @John1995?:
You always* want to waste as little energy as possible, because that energy can only be used once, and you may need that energy at a later stage, for example, to correct a mistake. The James Webb telescope has an unexpectedly long life because it used unexpectedly little fuel when it was set up at L1. To stay in orbit, he must continue to use fuel. This also applies to the CAPTSONE satellite.

Then: Renewable energy is used by the satellite: Solar panels provide power for the satellite. According to Newton’s Law of Reaction, you must repel mass to change orbit. It’s possible with electricity (and therefore renewable), but you’ve lost that mass and it’s depleted. So that “fuel” is not renewable.

Bringing farmers into the debate is childish, especially the way you do it, trying to end the debate with a very lame comment. A little mature.

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