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Natalie Miskins on confession after first single was released: 'This is bad, I know, but I'm trying to work on it'

Natalie Miskins on confession after first single was released: ‘This is bad, I know, but I’m trying to work on it’

She reveals part of her love life in her new song You broke down my wallsSo it’s time to ask her some of her most curious questions. What she misses, what she does secretly, what she is addicted to – and she even talks behind her nose.

Wim Dehandschtter

Where do you get energy?

“My kids. They cost me energy of course from lack of sleep, but they give me back more energy. I can keep looking at them. Then my stomach itch and I feel alive.”

What are you addicted to?

“Sunlight! When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, I feel happy. Every stupid problem—something broken in the house or something inconvenient that I have to solve—suddenly seems less bad.”

What do you do when no one is looking?

“Pick my nose. But don’t eat it, eh.” (He laughs)

What is your obnoxious habit?

“I kind of stare at people. Along with a friend on the balcony, we’re like Statler and Waldorf, commentators from puppet show† Then we make up the most absurd and sometimes cruel stories about bystanders. So off: You’ll drown him in the bath tonight and then fail.

What character trait would you like to change?

“I have no patience. If I think things are going too slowly, I can’t help but interfere or annoy. That sucks, I know, but I’m trying to work on it.”

What do you miss in your life?

“Nothing. I have a lot: two healthy kids, a great boyfriend, great family and friends, you name it. What a fortune. I’m grateful for what I have and what I might experience. I get everything out of life. I’m by principle: you don’t know.” Never when is your last heartbeat, so live your life.”

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What would you do if you won the big lottery bowl?

“I have often wondered about it. I always say in the first place that I want to support charities. As an ambassador for Konina (Belgian NGO helping disadvantaged children around the world, editor) I will, for example, finance the construction of schools. I always find myself putting myself out there. I already have everything to be happy anyway.”