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Netflix adds spatial sound to series like Stranger Things

Netflix adds spatial sound to series like Stranger Things

You don’t need special surround speakers to use this new “Ambeo” method. Netflix It uses Sennheiser technology to tune the sound to make it sound like it’s coming from across the room around you.

Netflix subscribers who usually use stereo sound will automatically hear Ambeo’s new sound in a number of series. It’s anyway related to season 4 of Stranger Things, The Witcher, and Red Notice.

Ambeo combines existing audio, surround sound, and Dolby Atmos sound to create what Netflix calls a “more immersive” experience. according to Sennheiser

spatial loudness

Spatial sound has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many headphones and earbuds such as AirPods offer support for such 3D audio experiences. Without earphones, you often need special speakers to get this audio experience.

In any case, the question remains to what extent ordinary stereo speakers can produce spatial sound that adds something to a movie or series. For Netflix subscribers who are curious about the answer, there is the option to try getting started today.

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