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Netflix considers subscription with ads |  TV

Netflix considers subscription with ads | TV

The streaming service Netflix may launch by the end of this year – earlier than initially planned – and it’s a cheaper subscription as viewers also see ads. This was reported by The New York Times today, after the newspaper gained insight into an internal communication from Netflix to its employees.

For the first time in ten years, Netflix recorded a loss in subscribers last month, and the service expects to see more users leave in the future. After all, over the past couple of years, Netflix has seen a steady increase in subscribers during the pandemic, but that seems to be over now.

That’s why Netflix is ​​considering offering a cheaper plan where viewers also see ads. The streaming service points out similar subscriptions with its rivals HBO Max and Disney+. While discussing first-quarter results, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said last month that such a subscription could come in the next two years.

In addition, the company will also take stricter action against users who share their passwords, as this hinders further growth in the number of paying subscribers.

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