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New Arm CPU and GPU cores: Cortex-X3 up to 27% faster than X2

New Arm CPU and GPU cores: Cortex-X3 up to 27% faster than X2

Arm unveiled its latest smartphone processors and GPU technologies for next year at its annual Client Tech Day. In addition to the powerful Cortex-X3 and A715 CPU cores, the current Cortex A510 is updated, in terms of GPUs, Mali-G715 and -G615 are present. Also new is the powerful Immortalis-G715 with ray tracing, which is positioned as a flagship.

At the top is the Cortex-X3, which should be 25% faster than its predecessor. Next, the A715 must strike a balance between performance and power consumption: Compared to the A710, the new Cortex should perform 5% better and be up to 20% more efficient. Finally, the economic Cortex-A510 has been improved: Arm promises up to 5% lower power consumption.

Additionally, the developer has unveiled Immortalis, its first hardware-enabled GPU for ray tracing. This implementation demands only 4% of the core shader area and should deliver three times better performance than software-based solutions. Immortalis-G715 has 10 to 16 cores, while Mali-G715 offers 7 to 9 cores. Mali-G615 has a maximum of 6 shader cores.

It is not clear when the first smartphones and their associated SOCs will be available with these CPU cores. A possible candidate is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which is rumored to use Cortex-X3 computing cores.

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