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New asphalt on the Zandbergsestraat for the Grau built area

Zandbergsestraat area at the entrance Krav Asphalt gets a new layer. It concerns the part of the street between house numbers 2a and 12. We will do the work on 29th and 30th August 2022.

What will happen on Zandbergsestraat?

We first remove the old layer on top of the asphalt. Then we apply a new layer of asphalt. Finally we place the road signs in a new layer.

Is there a traffic jam?

The Zandbergsestraat section between house numbers 2a and 12 will be closed to all traffic on both days. The parking opposite the sports park and the parking adjacent to the sports park are also inaccessible. Driveways/plots between house numbers 2a and 12 are temporarily inaccessible by car. Homes are always accessible via footpaths or temporary pedestrian facilities.

What is the diversion route?

A detour can be followed from Graauw in the direction of Hulst and vice versa. This is in effect in relation to work at Zandberg. The houses on the Sandbergsstraat between the Grau Basin and the Zandberg Basin can be reached on both days via the Zandberg.

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