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New evidence finally confirms who stole Tutankhamun's treasure

New evidence finally confirms who stole Tutankhamun’s treasure

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For a hundred years, there were rumors that British archaeologist Howard Carter stole several pieces of Tutankhamun’s treasure before the official opening of the tomb. With a message that has now been made public, there is finally evidence for these claims. to write Watchman.

Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, and since then the Egyptians have suspected of stealing parts of the pharaoh’s treasure before the tomb’s official opening. There has been no evidence for these claims over the past 100 years.

A previously unpublished message is now changing that. The letter was written in 1934 by Alan Gardiner, a philologist hired by Carter to translate the hieroglyphs. For this the archaeologist gave him an amulet, assuring him that it did not come from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

But Gardiner was not entirely sure of the matter and presented the amulet to Rex Engelbach, the then British director of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. He assured the philologist that the amulet certainly came from the tomb. It obviously came from the same mold as the other examples.

Gardiner then sent Carter a letter writing Engelbach’s judgment and stating that the amulet was undoubtedly stolen from Tutankhamun’s tomb. “I deeply regret being in such a difficult situation.”

The messages were in a private collection, but will soon be published in the new book Tutankhamun and the tomb that changed the world From Oxford University Press.

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