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New MMORPG Rangers Will Arrive Early in 2023

The Artistic Director of Ghost Recon and lead producer on The Lord of the Rings MMO have teamed up to create a gem of an MMO called Starkeepers. Navigate the many realities of the Omniverse, master its sacred fighting techniques to make your way through seasonal storylines, and build a large complex base known as Starkeeps.

In the game, you play as a Starkeeper, a warring star who defends the rich world of Eldritch. You will have to fight with your fellow warriors to keep your head above the water. It is also important to have a base that you build with others.

“Starkeepers is a true passion project from an experienced team of MMORPG developers and fans,” said Stephen Wang, co-founder and CEO of Wolfpack Games. “The team aims to deliver an interactive community-led experience for years to come and we are excited to begin the journey now.”

As much as Stephen Wang would like to start the journey now; It really has to wait until 2023. Then this multiplayer game appeared in Early Access on Steam.

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