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New packaging for strawberry growers

100% Pure New Zealand is the long standing marketing slogan of the country. And Best Berry is a grower and supplier of 100% natural fresh strawberries and raspberries in New Zealand.

When Best Berry is looking for a packaging solution for its delicate fruits, it should be 100% suitable for delivery to New Zealand and overseas markets.

After a comprehensive evaluation of the options, Berry selected the best K-Reseal, the global supplier of flexible packaging and cap films KM packaging.

K-Reseal are cover images for trays that can be re-opened. The best berries require 250gsm and 454gsm APET strawberry buns with a fully printed resealable lid film with macro ventilation holes. From the moment the packaging was made until the consumer first opened the box there was a need for a sealed card.

Mono-PET solution for bunnets and cover images
The K-Reseal lid film of KM packaging proved to be the perfect solution by meeting all the requirements of the best berries. “Our customers were interested in reusable lids. KM was able to offer packaging solution,” says Boman Zakari, owner of Best Ferris.

“We were concerned about the limited capabilities of our sealing machine, but the KM team advised on the systems and we had no problem,” Bowman said.

After successful testing, KM delivered the fully printed order, partly by air and partly by boat, so that sufficient supplies would be available before the start of the picking season. The best berry now guarantees its customers sealed lids that are easy to open and close. The cover image is made of mono-PED compatible with Pannet. So the whole packaging is recyclable.

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“Our customers are happy with the packaging innovation, it’s beautiful. We worked with KM. We had a good time. The team is very supportive and does everything it can to provide solutions to all possible problems,” says Bowman.

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